Solarmobile [UK]

Solar on the road - Plug now into solar energy

[UK] Solarmobile – renewable energy on wheels
Green energy here and now – the solar trailor makes it possible for private people, companies and especially organisations to power their activities with solar energy. You can rent the trailor to power a concert, a video projection, keep drinks and food cold or lighten up your camp or party,... the market stand is equipped with a photovoltaic installation and decentralizes totally the power usage, as it is independent from the grid – sun only is needed to charge the batteries. Fossil fuels like coal, petrol and gas are dinosaurs and there days are count, as well as nuclear energy is endangering our lives and produces waste that nobody knows what to do with. The solar trailor is a practical solution that raises awareness for the transition to a sustainable way of life, here and now!



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Who is who ?

The solar trailor is a project that a group of young people realised on the ecoCreActive plattform of LIFE as a youth intitiative funded by the European Union « Youth in Action » programme and sponsored by the companies « Topsolar » and « Bakform ». The photovoltaic installation was put by the teachers and pupils of the CNFPC in Esch/Alzette on the trailor.