Happy news from the wandel.BAR! In the near future we want to start meeting to produce everything we need in our daily lives on ourselves. Everything? Yes everything, this could be bread, clothes, cosmetics, spices etc. and maybe even furniture, mattresses, houses :-). And all this in a way that respects the resources of planet Earth as far as possible.

That's why we created the wandel.BAR laboratory! It is a place where we try to build-up, conserve, transfer and refine the knowledge of realizing things on our own and then of course do them together. Since very few of us know how to do all these things, we will first gather and have a look into books, check on the internet, and collect what we already know to develop our skills and get into action. By the way: in our definition of experimenting, failure is part of the process and vital for success. So we intend not to be scared of making mistakes!

We are still looking for a place where we can make all these beautiftul things happen. We already have some possibilities which will become more precise this month. (If you know about such a room or have one, tell us!) So in the meantime you can already look forward to the coming events! If you want you can also help organizing or tell us about all your ideas and what you would like wandel.BAR to be!

Stay tuned!!!

“The peculiarly modern inability to use personal endowments, communal life, and environmental resources in an autonomous way infects every aspect of life where a professionally engineered commodity has succeeded in replacing a culturally shaped use-value. The opportunity to experience personal and social satisfaction outside the market is thus destroyed. „ Ivan Illich (Towards a history of needs) 1978



LIFE - the ecoCreActive platform - and CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg - joined forces and came up with a new project. It's all about community, fun, being creative and manufacturing things on our own.. Doesn't sound too bad, right?


Whenever you now read "wandel.BAR" you can be sure there will be a workshop enabling you to be more self sufficient. (by the way: we're sorry about our german name but it's hard in multicultural Luxembourg to come up with a name conveying "the message" in every language. To explain: wandel.BAR means changeable and contains the word "bar". So we supply nourishment and knowledge to actively and joyfully reduce our impact on the planet.)


Our vision is to reduce our ecological footprint and to be aware of the limited resources on the planet. For instance if everybody on this planet maintained a luxembourgish lifestyle we would need 5 times as much resources as we have now.

Since there are already a lot of sustainable and creative initiatives in Luxembourg we will try to work together with them.

Sounds good?

Be part of it! Everybody's welcome - young, old, little, big - be our guest!

If you are interested you are more than welcome to join in and contact us.


get in touch:



FB: https://www.facebook.com/wandelpunktbar